Outreach - Wildlife Conservation

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Helping you Save Animals from Extinction and Protecting Habitats

We share this planet with billions of non-human inhabitants. It is our greatest responsibility to share our space with them by respecting their needs and preserve their environment. Many brave and dedicated people around the world dedicate their lives time and money towards helping preserve animal habitats, to save species from going extinct. We share their enthusiasm and truly believe in their cause

Wildlife conservation requires a lot of hard work, often in remote areas around the world. In places so remote and desolate, it is often impossible to carry heavy equipment. Sol is the perfect tool for helping those that help our environment and preserve the beauty and nobility of animals in the wild.

Initiatives we're interested helping
  • Protecting Habitats
  • Tracking Wildlife
  • Immunization and Care of Animals
  • Restricting Poaching
  • Restricting Hunting
  • Wildlife Research
How can we help?

There are many ways we like to get involved, but the one we like the most is to provide SOL’s where they are needed the most. Either through subsidized programs or┬ádiscounted packages for Non-Profits. Get in touch with our sales team today and they will be able to direct you to our outreach team.

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