About the S.T.A.R System

SOL is a wonderful tool for education. We’ve created something special that makes it even better. It is called the Syllabus Tracking, Assessment & Reporting system (S.T.A.R) and it was created to help schools and education ministries to manage schools, manage students, track national achievements and create & distribute digital curriculum throughout their country.

Improvements in education have large social returns in health, wealth and well-being

Humanity has undergone several education reforms through the course of history. With the technology age, we are now on the verge of yet another reform – The Digital Education Reform. The 21st century ushered in the acceptance and encouragement of Internet, and digital availability of educational resources. More and more schools, universities and other educational institutions incorporate digital components to their curriculum. In most academic institutions, there has been an equally important change in how education is being administered. Almost all schools have switched to computers and networks to help with the administration of the school as well as the students.

Curriculum Digitization

Broadcasting educational resources, study materials and frameworks to teachers and students

There is an increasing demand and a new opportunity for institutions to make their curriculum resources more accessible and to promote this access to a wider and increasingly diverse audience. Digitization is seen as the most important way to achieve this, and is something that all institutions must consider as part of their strategic plan.


  • The S.T.A.R Network extends access and assists with the management of educational resources and national reporting.
  • Provides on-demand local, national and international access to courses, curriculum resources and educational collections.
  • Provide access to materials that cannot always be accessed physically by users, e.g. cultural materials.
  • Enhances opportunities and increases the number of students in courses and schools, allowing greater interface with institutional assets.
  • Allows teachers to use existing courses or resources in new or different ways.
  • Creates innovative content packages in response to user demand.
  • Builds partnerships between institutions to improve the quality of education by sharing resources, adopting common standards, facilitating good practices, and the exchange of information and expertise.
  • Raises awareness of the range of courses and educational resources available for study and promotes the use of both local and international materials to further study needs.

Post-Implementation Agility

The S.T.A.R Network offers post-implementation agility. It puts control in the hands of operational users and will allow the ministry and educational institutions to adapt, change and develop the system without re-implementing the software. Built upon a unique architecture and a modern technology stack, it will be highly scalable, taking advantage of new methodologies as they emerge and mature. The fully integrated suite of modules and tool-sets will be ideal for an institution that thinks of long-term. By maintaining entire course catalogue, tracking student achievements and grades, reviewing historical and future data on course catalogue and managing schools, program completion and degree auditing, the Ministry of Education will be able to ensure students are on track, taking the necessary courses and improving their grades. The integrated archiving and reporting tools will provide a great tool to identify excelling schools and educators, and implement their formulas for success across the nation. By doing so, the S.T.A.R Network will provide Equality in Education.