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Community Giving

SOL M allows you to provide your community with opportunities for growth, better education and health, creating equilibrium between the welfare of the society and environment supporting your product ecosystem. SOL is a utility tool for social change. It allows people to have access to better learning resources, whether they be learning sources essential to your product success or the personal development of the individuals working directly and indirectly for you on the social dimension.



SOL M is a wonderful tool for education, especially in remote areas of the world where there is no access to electricity. SOL helps students around the world to learn outside of class and outside of curriculum. It opens them to a new world of computing and a better, more sustainable future.


Humanitarian Work

It takes a very special type of human being to dedicate themselves towards helping others. It also takes an incredible amount of support and the right tools to ease the often difficult work of humanitarian projects. Health initiatives, animal conservation projects and environmental works are moving ahead with SOL through implementing technology which would have otherwise only been available to them in an office instead of in the field.



From a biologist to a cave diver and anything in between, SOL is there to support the bravest, most dedicated and (sometimes even) the most daring of us all. SOL M fuels your adventure, it gives you tools to empower you and your worldwide experience, whatever it may be.



Use SOL M for your own workforce. Use it for employee retentioncorporate brand building and brand visibility. Reduce your carbon footprint, reduce your electricity bill and lower the procurement costs of your I.T equipment all in one go. SOL is an excellent tool to equip your employees with. With a solar-powered computer that is less likely to be damaged from the elements, your company can now focus on meeting with clients and doing field work with fewer worries about getting plugged in.



Whether used for surveying, elections or services SOL M is a powerful tool for field work. It’s affordable enough to equip an entire division with units and let them focus on doing their work instead of trying to find electricity. SOL brings about social change by allowing government bodies to function properly, upgrade to the modern age of computing, and work uninterrupted.

Free Power, Free Software, Free Support, How Amazing is That?

Every SOL comes preloaded with a suite of popular Internet, productivity and creative tools, all within an intuitive graphic environment that’s as easy on the eyes as it is on your wallet. The moment you turn SOL on, you have at your fingertips everything you need for writing, making spreadsheets, presentations, editing photos, video and recordings, setting up email, playing games and more.

Make Business A Pleasure

In business, you’ve got an instant competitive edge. SOL comes with double entry accounting, tax preparation and customer, vendor and job invoicing software—everything you need to keep your business up and running. In addition to having your SOL preloaded with productive software, you have access to thousands of free apps available online.

Connect With Help Anytime

Each SOL also comes with professional technical service and support and a universe of online resources. So relax, you’re in good hands.

Adventure With SOL

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