Latest Drivers

Latest Linux Drivers

Please download the driver from here.


  1. Unzip and copy the driver folder to the Ubuntu desktop (you can drag and drop from the USB)
  2. Enter Terminal by pressing “Ctrl + Alt + T” (or you can find it in your home application launcher)
  3. Once in Terminal:
  4. Type “cd Desktop” and press Enter
  5. Type “cd driver”  and press Enter
  6. Type “sudo make” and press Enter. Let it run until finished, it should take about a min or so.
  7. When finished, type “sudo make install” and press Enter
  8. Type “sudo modprobe mt7601Usta” and press Enter
  9. The wireless driver will now be updated. You need to restart the computer to finalize the update.

NOTE: Please do not include the quotation marks (I.e – “command”) when you type.