Frequently Asked Questions

Before contacting our support team please see if any of your questions appear in our FAQ? We love hearing from our customers or future buyers so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any question.

When is the Marine version available??

We are currently working on finalizing it into the production line. It and it should be available in a few months

Can you give us specifications on the Marine? Is it rain proof or is it dunkable??

Not yet, but soon. We can say that it is dunkable and that it should last under water for about 50 min or so. Final specs will be available.

Why is there no 3G/4G module??

Due to the nature of service providers, each of which is using their own infrastructure technology and specs (WiMAX, LTE, GSM, etc) as well as each of which is using their own bandwidth (radio frequency) we first have to discuss with each distributor to insert a modem module which will be suitable for their market, and the service providers in that market.

Will it still charge through the sun if I install Windows??

Yes, the solar charging functionality is embedded within the hardware/electronics. It is O.S agnostic.

How long does it need to be in the sun to be fully charged??

This really depends on the exposure you’re getting. In a fully sunny day, it should take couple of hours to get fully charged. Duration will change with conditions such as:

  • Position of sun (horizon, top etc.)
  • Clouds
  • Location on earth and even
  • Air pressure and temperature
Can you provide SOLs with keyboards other than English??

Yes, of course. We are fully set for non-English keyboards. But you’ll have to contact one of our international distributors to ask for availability.

Is the Solar Panel detachable??

Yes! You can use it with an extension chord so that you can work indoors while SOL charges.

Can I install any OS on SOL??

Yes, you can. There are no restrictions. We will support drivers for the O.S which are officially released with SOL, but you can adventure with your O.S!

Can I charge SOL using a standard DC adapter??

Yes, SOL arrives with a standard DC adapter in its packaging.