Outreach - Education

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Helping Educational Initiatives Around the World

1 in 4 people on this planet do not have access to electricity, primarily due to scarce or non-existing power infrastructure.  SOL completely bypasses this problem, allowing more schools to be connected and more children and young adults to acquire the computer literacy skills needed to succeed. The global economy continues to change, almost entirely through the digitization of worldwide trade.  SOL allows children to have a future in such a global economy, by giving them access to the tools and computer skills needed in the digitized world.

Initiatives we're interested helping
  • Rural Schools
  • Syllabus Digitization
  • Equal Education
  • Literacy Advocacy
  • Distance Education
  • Free Education
How can we help?

Our dream is to get SOL into the hands of all schools and children.  Education is important but is often limited by a lack of electricity.  We can help.  Contact us now to see how.

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