Citizenship and Social Investing


Giving back to the community where you work and live

You’ve created an ecosystem built around a product and an ambitious vision.

Fueling your vision is an army that supports your product, helps you build it, and is undoubtedly essential to its success.

By cultivating the spirit of social responsibility you are essentially nourishing the community, which has given you so much.  By providing it nutrients, you’ll help it grow. Ultimately helping you grow your own product.

SOL allows you to provide your community with opportunities for growth, better education and health. It allows you to create equilibrium between the welfare of the society and environment supporting your product ecosystem.

SOL is a utility tool for social change. It allows people to have access to better learning sources, whether they be learning sources essential to your product success or the personal development of the individuals working directly and indirectly for you on the social dimension.

How can Sol help with your Social Initiative?
  • Provide educational tools for the community
  • Provide your employees, land owners and everyone involved with tools for change
  • Increase your Corporate Social Responsibility impact
  • Enhance moral identity
  • Provide the gift of technological change
  • Improve reputation and branding
Co-Branding and Excellent Volume Discounts

We can work with your team to help you reach your goals of helping the community, reducing your carbon footprint and your electricity bill by not only providing your company with computers but also co-brand SOL with your company’s logo.

In doing so, you will not only help the environment and the community in which you work, but also increase your brand recognition and display to the world that your company cares.

We are dedicated to helping you helping your community and are offering distributor-level discounts for corporate buyers – so that you may reach more of your community, for less.

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