Bisila Bokoko African Literacy Project



Mission Statement

Bisila Bokoko African Literacy Project is a non-profit, non-partisan international organization headquartered in NY with subsidiaries in Ghana, France, and Spain. The BBALP’s mission is to promote literacy among the African people building well equipped, modern and sustainable efficient libraries in with the aim to share the gift of ideas and education with Africa.


  • To share the gift of literacy with Africa!
  • To build energy efficient libraries starting in Ghana and going through Africa.
  • To furnish up-to-date, well-targeted books and periodicals to support existing library collections.
  • To create employment in the communities where the libraries reside.
  • To provide the right environment for students to study.
  • To provide opportunities for cultural and technical exchanges between libraries and communities.

To learn more about the organization, please visit their official website: Link

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How is WeWi involved? How can you help?

We’ve partnered with BBALP because we believe in the wonderful work they do. WeWi teamed up with BBALP to provide the organization with free computers throughout the many schools the organization have established.

We are also accepting donations from people just like you to help us ship more computers to the BBALP. When you purchase you SOL, please donate if you can towards a computer. Each donation, small or large counts and we are simply giving SOL away at cost so that your money is spent well, reaching more students around Africa.

We believe in the power of education and the power of technology. Join us to create a better, more sustainable future for these wonderful determined kids. Their future and our future as a society is depending on all of us.