Meet SOL

Thoughtfully designed for the harsh remote World

We anticipated the harsh conditions and far-flung places where SOL might be used so we designed the solar-powered laptop to stand up to the elements, and then some.

We built the utility SOL to endure beyond the norm, which is why we designed the 13” patented screen from scratch. We used durable reinforced materials and a complex industrial design and architecture to keep the laptop from not letting you down whether you’re on land, air or sea. We expect SOL to survive the forces of nature.

A Battery of Reasons for Choosing SOL

By harnessing the power of the sun into a long-lasting battery, SOL is a sustainable green computing machine built for people with no access or little access to stable electricity. And at sundown, the computer’s core architecture works with a battery that allows you to work or play well into the evening on a single charge.